Beet cyst nematode

Entire fields can be infested, or localised infection can appear as circular or oval areas where plant stand and growth are poor. Over time, the smaller areas of infestation will enlarge and spread. Beet cyst nematode can infect plants of all ages. Seedling attack can result in severe injury or even plant death. When older plants are attacked, less damage will occur. Above-ground symptoms consist of reduced stand, poor growth, stunting, yellowing and wilting Roots attacked by beet cyst nematode appear ?bearded? or ?whiskered? due to the excessive development of fibrous roots. Root vegetables will have smaller storage roots which may have abnormal swellings. The most evident sign of beet cyst nematode is the appearance of glistening white-yellow bodies about the size of a pin head attached to the fibrous roots

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Presence among species

AgentsSusceptible host
Heterodera schachtiiBeta vulgaris (Ensembl Plants release-51)