Late Blight of potato

Late blight lesions can occur on all aboveground plant parts. On leaves, lesions typically first appear as small pale to dark green water-soaked spots that are irregular in shape and surrounded by a zone of yellowish tissue. Under conducive conditions, lesions expand rapidly and become brown to purplish black as tissue is killed. Under sufficient humidity, white sporulation of the fungus can be observed at the periphery of lesions, principally on the underside of leaves. On stems and petioles, lesions are brown to black and may also support sporulation of the fungus. Infected tubers develop a firm brown decay that starts on the outside and may later extend to include the outer 0.125 to 0.5 inch of tissues.

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Presence among species

AgentsSusceptible host
Phytophthora infestansSolanum tuberosum (Pythozome V13)
Phytophthora infestansNicotiana benthamiana