Contains a central nucleotide-binding (NB) subdomain as part of a larger entity called the NB-ARC domain. C-terminal to the NB-ARC domain lies a leucine-rich repeat (LRR) domain, which is sometimes followed by an extension of variable length. Hence, this group of R proteins is collectively referred to as NB-LRR proteins. If N-terminal region contain a predicted coiled-coil structures (CC), non-TIR NB-LRR proteins are collectively referred to as CC-NB-LRR or CNL.

List of Genes from CNL class

PRGdb IDGene nameTypeSpecies
PRGDB130Bs2referenceCapsicum chacoense
PRGDB138Gpa2referenceSolanum tuberosum (Pythozome V13)
PRGDB140HeroreferenceSolanum lycopersicum (Pythozome V13)
PRGDB142Mi1.2referenceSolanum lycopersicum (Pythozome V13)
PRGDB145PrfreferenceSolanum pimpinellifolium
PRGDB146R1referenceSolanum demissum
PRGDB148Rpi-blb1referenceSolanum bulbocastanum
PRGDB149Rpi-blb2referenceSolanum bulbocastanum
PRGDB150RxreferenceSolanum tuberosum (Pythozome V13)
PRGDB151Rx2referenceSolanum acaule